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Out Now for UAD!
Vertigo Sound VSC-2 available for UAD platform!
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Now You Can:

• Track and mix with the classic VCA compression combined with a modern mastering-grade signal path
• Add musical-sounding compression character to your tracks
• Dial-up precise punch on instrument buses without sounding dull or nasty, even when the unit is pushed hard
• Tame dynamics with an inaudible start to compression with Soft mode
• Cut off signal peaks using the natural sounding Brick mode
• Use the Sidechain filters (60 Hz or 90 Hz) to prevent pumping bass frequencies when using extreme compression.
Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Plug-in
The VSC-2 is Vertigo’s first plug-in release, made in close cooperation with Brainworx, and
based upon Vertigo’s “Big Impact Design”. The VSC-2 plug-in captures all the fine nuances of
this 6,000$ flagship VCA compressor.

Plug-in supports RTAS, AS, VST & AU (MAC & PC).
64 Bit & AAX Versions FREE UPGRADE in January 2012.

More infos at www.brainworx-music.de



Vertigo VSC-2 Compressor plug-in out now.

Free 14 day trials online now.

Great intro offers available - details in the bx-shop.